Searching for That Perfect Mother’s Day Gift? I Can Help!

Each year after Easter has passed and all the eggs have been found, the candy eaten and the bright pastel decorations put away for next year, children of all ages from 2 to 92 turn to the next holiday with equal enthusiasm…Mother’s Day!

That’s right!  Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you are still looking for that gift that is traditional/unique/geeky/vintage/crafty, fits your mother’s personality and style AND is handcrafted.  Because nothing says, “I love you Mom” like a handcrafted gift created just for her.

To aid you in your search for this hard-to-find gift, I have compiled a list of 10 amazing gifts created by Etsians whose shops boast 5 star ratings with reviews from customers (and some return customers) who rave about fast shipping, beautiful pieces and wonderful customer service from the sellers!

1) For the Expectant Mom…

Found at CrazyDogT-shirts, this adorably sweet maternity shirt with “watermelon smuggler” printed across the top will have everyone laughing at all the silliness, especially Mom-To-Be!


2) For the Nerd Mom….

This lil’ bit of geekery here will have every Nerdy parent flocking to Blue Fox Apparel to buy one for their future Fan!


3) For the Mother-in-Law

When it comes to Mother’s day, mother-in-laws can be some of some of the hardest to buy for.  Keeping it sweet and simple, this lovely necklace from RLeighJewelry will be sure grab her heart!  This Etsy shop based in San Diego also has a truly gorgeous collection of Navy Mom and Navy Wife jewelry!


4) For Me! Every Mom Everywhere

You really really  cannot go wrong with this one.  If you have doubts at all, this is the gift for her.  Created with your choice of gold or white gold chain & delicate leaves, this necklace showcases a beautiful bright turquoise drop in its center.  LaLaCrystal creates these works of art and has a shop full of amazing jewelry just waiting for you to fall in love with!


5) For the Pinterest Mom

If the lady in your life is an avid Pinterest fan, chances are she has this pinned on one of her boards.  Created by BeYouAtHome, this delightful bathroom/kitchen/craftroom (anyroom really) vanity set will be sure to make her Mother’s Day a pinterest-dream come true!


6) For the Spa Mom

If a day at the spa is her idea of a perfect afternoon, this is the gift for her!  Created with oatmeal, milk and organic honey, Cricket Cove Soap Co. creates  wonderfully smelling moisturizing soap bars sure to please!


7) For the Gardening Mom

If she takes pride in her beautifully cultivated garden, you can be sure these lovely little garden markers created by  Playfularts will be the perfect gift for her!


8) For the Early Riser Mom

If she enjoys her first cup of coffee before the sun rises, this hand-knitted wrap is the perfect gift!  Not a fan of dark earthy colors?  That’s OK,  Woodland Handmaidens create wraps and shawls in many different styles and colors!


9) For the Vintage-Style Mom

If the lady in your life is in love with all things vintage, this lovely brooch is just the gift for her!  Don’t forget to visit Lost Creek Goods’ shop to find more vintage gifts!


and last but not least…

10) For the Mother who’s so Amazing, she’s Grand

For the Grandmother.  That amazing woman who sneaks sweets to her grand-babies and spoils them like only a grandma can, this personalized wall plaque will hold a special place in her heart!  Visit Welovefamily to order a personalized gift just for her!


Hopefully this list has made your Mother’s Day shopping this year a little bit easier!

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!


Photography Sessions, Bribery & Bloopers

These past few weeks I have been so sew Sew busy creating Easter dresses for the upcoming holiday, and along with all the sewing comes all the pictures.  (the second most important part of my job….right up there with all the sewing, stitching, and embroidering)

You can’t have an online store without photos to prove just how awesome your product is, so every few weeks my kids and I do a quick photo session with a few of the dress styles to be featured in my shop!  These sessions usually involve a lot of patience, some bribery, great lighting, some bribery, catching the perfect pose, some bribery, oh, and did I mention bribery?  Most every shoot takes about 10-15 minutes of photography, and usually ends up with a Disney movie & popcorn or playing outside in the sprinklers.

Wondering how I happen to get a toddler and 1st grader to stand in one place for more than 5 seconds?  Here is a list of our requirements;

1.  they understand that immediately after the fun-photos, we’re going to watch a cartoon, play outside or paint…..anything that is kid-approved and fun-worthy.

2.  snacks are always involved afterward….the messier the better.

3. No smiling.  nope.  we’re not allowed to smile while we’re taking photos…..or laugh.  (this gets them every time…and in return I get the best for-real smiles and laughs; way WAY better than, “ok, look at the camera and smile! please!  pleeeease……just one  little teensy  smile for mommy??”)   (-if you’re resorting to begging for smiles, put the camera away and wait for another time.  Your photo sessions will only end up in tears.  On both sides.)

4. Last, but certainly not least, we celebrate the bloopers……

DSCF3207     IMG_0664      DSCF4979                                                                                                          DSCF7014        FullSizeRender

…because photo sessions with kids will ALWAYS involve goofy faces, weird smiles and sometimes, just too much funny to keep from laughing uncontrollably.

After all of these requirements are met, photos are successfully taken,  and kids are playing-painting-watching-tv-eating-snacks-whatever-bribery-i’ve-promised, I sit down and pick out the photos that will be featured in my shop,

(my favorite so far is the knee length white lace dress,  the cutest dress ever!)

DSCF6893     DSCF5383

IMG_0630 (1)     10947366_808372815865900_614920211726813699_o  il_570xN.366085058_2fve

Bunnies and Eggs and Baskets…..oh my!! Preparing my Etsy shop for Easter

DSCF2552          DSCF5383

Around this time of year you’ll find me either hunched over my machine sewing away like a maniac, or at one of our local fabric stores searching through bolts and bolts of cloth looking for “that perfect fabric”.  That’s because this time of year, I’m preparing my Etsy shop, for the first and biggest (for me anyway) holiday of the year…..Easter.  Sure there are a few holidays between now and then, namely Valentine’s Day and St Patty’s Day, (actually, I think those are the only holidays) but I am in the dress making business, which means the few months leading up to Easter Sunday is my busiest time of year. hands down.  Easter Dresses are my bread and butter.       

Usually the months of January & February go something like this;  I design, create and sell different styles of dresses for my shop until one of the designs is suddenly caught up in the dress buying frenzy and up until a few days before Easter,  I Am Only Making That Dress.  The most memorable dress that I spent 2 months making non-stop……


                               This one.

I don’t know if it was the dress, the cute kid, (my youngest, btw…isn’t she adorable?) or the combination of the two, but this dress hit it off one weekend and overnight our home was filled with yards and yards of Cottage Rose cotton fabric and twice as many yards of Carnation Pink tulle.  (my husband is rolling his eyes…..he still remembers that year)  Anyway, I emptied our local fabric store of those two fabrics several times before Easter arrived.  And nearly every one of my customers who purchased this dress asked……where can I get those adorable boots?!   (ahem….your local big-box store?)

As I reminisce over those days filled with pink fabrics run amok in our house, I wonder what dress style will be The Dress this spring?  I’ll be back here in a few days with some of the new Easter dresses for my shop.  And you never know….maybe one of them will be this years’ dress.