My Shop

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Hi!  My name is Deanna Marie, and I am the owner of  Sew Creations Boutique, an online shop dedicated to creating special occasion dresses for young ladies and other sundry items for your home or special event.  I am absolutely in love with my job and what it entails on a day to day basis. (except maybe when I’m ironing 15 yards of fabric, but that’s a blog post for another day…)  Shopping for fabrics and designing new dresses around them is one of my most favorite aspects of what I do.  Each dress I make is created with loving attention and detail, whether it’s for a birthday, photography sessions, or a wedding.


Meet my models!

DSCF3238           904777_512036428832875_913038166_o

When you visit Sew Creations Boutique you’ll notice most of the dresses are modeled by these two young ladies; they are the light of my life, my little princesses!




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