Bunnies and Eggs and Baskets…..oh my!! Preparing my Etsy shop for Easter

DSCF2552          DSCF5383

Around this time of year you’ll find me either hunched over my machine sewing away like a maniac, or at one of our local fabric stores searching through bolts and bolts of cloth looking for “that perfect fabric”.  That’s because this time of year, I’m preparing my Etsy shop,  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewCreationsBoutique for the first and biggest (for me anyway) holiday of the year…..Easter.  Sure there are a few holidays between now and then, namely Valentine’s Day and St Patty’s Day, (actually, I think those are the only holidays) but I am in the dress making business, which means the few months leading up to Easter Sunday is my busiest time of year. hands down.  Easter Dresses are my bread and butter.       

Usually the months of January & February go something like this;  I design, create and sell different styles of dresses for my shop until one of the designs is suddenly caught up in the dress buying frenzy and up until a few days before Easter,  I Am Only Making That Dress.  The most memorable dress that I spent 2 months making non-stop……


                               This one.

I don’t know if it was the dress, the cute kid, (my youngest, btw…isn’t she adorable?) or the combination of the two, but this dress hit it off one weekend and overnight our home was filled with yards and yards of Cottage Rose cotton fabric and twice as many yards of Carnation Pink tulle.  (my husband is rolling his eyes…..he still remembers that year)  Anyway, I emptied our local fabric store of those two fabrics several times before Easter arrived.  And nearly every one of my customers who purchased this dress asked……where can I get those adorable boots?!   (ahem….your local big-box store?)

As I reminisce over those days filled with pink fabrics run amok in our house, I wonder what dress style will be The Dress this spring?  I’ll be back here in a few days with some of the new Easter dresses for my shop.  And you never know….maybe one of them will be this years’ dress.


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